Train with like-minded people in a fun environment

Squad combines quality coaching with support and a social network that not only makes you accountable and actually enjoy exercise, it will get you the results you always wanted.

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We all started somewhere...

Book your 28 day Kickstart here

What does my 28 DAY Kickstart include?
• Full access to Squad sessions ( see timetable )
• Nutrition and Support - Our coaches will offer 1-1 guidance and you receive 8 Nutrition Modules
• Be a part of Squad - Access to our Facebook support group and online community
  • Ellis Thorpe
    It's about turning up, getting fitter, stronger and having such a laugh with the friendliest bunch of people ever
    Ellis Thorpe
  • Carys Grayson
    Squad has given me a place to train, have fun and clear my head after a hard day with the little one
    Carys Grayson
  • Zoe Parker
    When I started I struggled with even the smallest weights, 8 weeks in and I’m surprising myself at every session
    Zoe Parker
  • Katie Marshall
    I love going, my body has completely changed, I’m stronger and fitter than I ever have been
    Katie Marshall
  • Dannielle Walker
    It’s like a little family, everyone is brilliant and very welcoming, there are so many different people but yet it works so well
    Dannielle Walker
  • Daz Copley
    All though apprehensive I bit the bullet and joined, I’ve loved every minute.
    Daz Copley


Who is Squad for?
Anyone can be a member of Squad as long as they have the right attitude. It doesn’t matter if you have never stepped in a gym before or you are a professional athlete, you must respect others and be willing to be coached by our amazing trainers. Whatever your goal whether it be to get leaner and lose body fat or become stronger our sessions will assist you on your fitness journey.
What is Squad

It started as a Bootcamp but really it has outgrown that title and become more of a fitness community. Our training methods and results have made us the go to place to train in our area. We stand by our motto of #morethanagym". Squad is great due to its amazing members and that is what makes it unique, here is our story...Read More...
What type of training do you do?
All sessions are carefully planned and structured in line with a monthly and weekly training schedule, nothing is random (except the odd finisher) We focus on strength type training, resistance training and conditioning. We use a number of fun training methods to make sessions varied but still tailored to clients’ needs and goals.
How do I get started?
Everyone is welcome to attend a trial. It’s a great way for you to experience the true value of Squad. It is a premium service as it's much more than just a one off class or session. Squad is a fitness community that works together to get results. Simple fill out the form on the home page and our Head coach Kieran will be in touch.
Where is the gym?
Sessions are currently held at Brampton and Cortonwood Sporthub the address is… Knollbeck Lane Brampton Barnsley S73 0TU We also have sessions in the summer at Wath Cricket Club to take advantage of the nice weather.
Do you help with nutrition and tell me what to eat?
Nutrition (what you put in our mouth….steady) is very important regarding fat loss, performance and recovery. It’s something you have to be aware of. So many people struggle in this area. We will sieve through all this and assist you with making the most out of your diet and make sure you don’t have to give up too much of what you enjoy. If needed we will teach you the art of tracking calories. We will never give you a generic diet plan and expect you to eat like a boring monk, that simple doesn’t work. We give out nutritional guidelines and every week do a live Facebook video in our private group where you can ask questions that will be answered by our coaches, you can also post questions in the group at any time.
Do you do pay per session?
Definitely not, maybe try Zumba or Body Pump.
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